I was bitten early by the family history bug, and I come by it honestly through my great-aunt Ethel. She gave me the printed family genealogy when I was a teenager and told me about a family mystery of long-lost relatives. I was hooked from that point on, traveling around the State of NJ and to Washington DC to do research in the various archives and libraries.

I bless the day that and other databases came online!

My current research includes the following family names:

Schanck (arrived in the 1600s from Holland)
Leeming (arrived in the 1900s from England)
Nadin (arrived in the 1900s from England)
Sunderland (Cheshire, England, and Flintshire, Wales)
Trotter (arrived in the 1800s fleeing from the Irish Famine, but originated in Lowlands Scotland)
Lyons (arrived in the 1800s from Eastern Eur0pe’s Jewish pogroms)
Lauermann (arrived in the 1800s from Bavaria)

And there are others. My family tree is public at Message me if these names are of interest to you!

PS — I recently solved half of the above-mentioned family mystery!