It started raining on Saturday.

Today is Wednesday.

With but a few brief breaks (notably the four hours on Saturday that we needed in order to host a wedding for our friends — thank you, God!), it’s been raining the whole time. The whole time. Five days.

I feel positively mildewed.

The dog has cabin fever. The cat has cabin fever. Both want to go out and then both want to come back inside — wet — three minutes later. The cat has developed an attitude. The dog is sad. I need a long walk and some serious Vitamin D.

And still it rains.

I thought I’d left the non-stop spring rain behind when I moved out of NJ in 2002. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it this rainy for this long in Idaho. But there is a first time for everything.

I hope this is the last time for this.

Even Jack Norman, our robust roo, has been quiet. Depression amongst the poultry is not pretty. Egg production is down (seriously!). The girls need some sun. Hoping Mother Nature delivers soon ….


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