It’s time.

Time to return to the world of blogging, but with a new look and a new .com as the host.

Same old blog title, though, because I like it so well. Time and Tide. It speaks to seasons of life, and that, I think, is a good perspective.

For nearly three years I avoided blogging. I just could not bring myself to write anything at all – couldn’t think of anything to write that wasn’t either negative or snarky. I think I just couldn’t express a whole lot of joy after so much blogging about grief after my mother’s last illness and death. I’ve grown since then – time and tide (!), and most importantly, the wisdom and comfort that comes only from God. Grief occasionally steals in now and then, but there is joy in abundance that I can once again express in full.

It’s good to be back.

So, I’m a few years older and am now eligible for many senior citizen discounts. While my wallet appreciates it, that’s not my favorite thing about life. What I really, really, REALLY like about life is: my family, my friends, my music, my family history research, my pets, my horses and my chickens. Not necessarily in that order. And don’t let me leave out my everlovin’ husband. A good man. No, better than that. The Best of Men – a man after God’s own heart. I couldn’t ask for more and am happy to have been his wife for 14 years.

I will reiterate that he is the Best of the Best. Let me say that again – my hubby is the Best of the Best. Understood?

But I might be just the teensiest bit bitter about my hubby’s current hairstyle. With my agreement, he has not had a haircut in 12 months. I hate it. I love him and I wanted him to be able to have this little item on his bucket list, but that hair is crazy. William H. Macy crazy. The year will be up next month, but given that his students have responded so well to their long-haired teacher, I agreed to an extension (a hair extension?). Thus the Great Haircut Appointment has been made – by me — for May 26. I will see to it that he gets there, if I have to carry him across town on my shoulders. I gave him a year, and that’s that.

But I digress because I was really saying that life is good.

In other news, I took up sewing about a year ago. First I decided to get back into doing embroidery, but as so often happens, one thing led to another and I ended up purchasing a nice sewing machine and making my first full-size quilt last spring. I made a second one in the fall. I’m currently working an embroidered cover for my prayer notebook. It’s good to be creative and to learn things that require patience and new neuro-pathways (or whatever those things are called).

I also took up the ukulele and became a “chicken mama,” but that’s another blog post or two.

I’m having a blast.

And how have you been?


4 thoughts on “Re-entry

  1. well, I have have missed your blogging. you have always had away with words. You make them real and I remember when you used to use words I didn’t understand and probably still don’t understand, yet your words are simple and real….love you are bloggin’ again! Keep it up! Love ya! Christine

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  2. Welcome back, Miss Catherine!
    My, my, how things have changed in three short years! I’m glad that you are now… a chicken lady! I am no longer a chicken lady due to the constraints of a miniscule size backyard. But I have chickened in the past, and I can provide hours of testimonials on how chickens are both interesting and educational. They are for the most part, stupid birds. However, if you are smart, they will teach you much!

    Like you, a lot has changed in my life over the past three years. The biggest change has been watching my two little chicks (sorry, got stuck on the theme) leave the nest. It has been a daunting experience, wondering if they will fly or fall flat on their little beaks. To be honest, I think I was wondering if I would ever fly again. Or at least with the same joy I used to when I knew they would be waiting back at the nest for my return, (mostly with their beaks wide open waiting to see what tasty morsel I had brought them!). But alas, they did fly! A bit wobbly, perhaps. A few minor crash landings, a few ruffled feathers. But they are free, and they are flying! Choosing their own course and navigating their own skies. And me? Well, I have days that I just want to sit and stare at the nest and long for their return, but as time goes by, more often, I find myself soaring high above the clouds with far more joy and delight than I ever dreamed possible.

    While life still has it’s ups and downs, I have found that when the storms come, God is gracious and gives us a safe refuge. Like the good book says, ((Psalms 91:4) “He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection.”
    I know this has been true in your life as well. I’m glad the time of your sorrow and grief is softening. I truly can’t wait until I will be able to meet your mom one day. I will throw my arms around her neck and thank her for giving you life and raising you to be the tender hearted spitfire that you are!

    So yes, Catherine, life is good. Hard sometimes. But good!

    Love your words. Cluck on!

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